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Our Services

We have a range of heartfelt and personalized adult health care services. At the core of our offerings is a deep commitment to enhancing the lives of those we serve. Each service is designed not just to meet practical needs, but to provide care that speaks to the heart. Whether it’s through companion care, finding the right facility for a loved one, enriching children’s experiences, or ensuring safe transportation and well-organized appointments, our focus is on delivering services with compassion and understanding. We believe in making a positive impact in every interaction, treating each individual as a valued member of our extended family.

Companion Care

With a warm and personal touch, we offer companionship and assistance to adults who benefit from having a caring friend and helper in their daily lives. Our service is more than just support; it’s about building meaningful relationships.

Placement in Correct Facilities

We take to heart the responsibility of finding the perfect care or living facility for your loved ones. Understanding that every individual’s needs are unique, we dedicate ourselves to finding a place that feels like home.

Skilled Nursing

Our skilled nursing services provide expert care for the elderly, managed by experienced healthcare professionals. We offer essential support for medication management, wound care, physical therapy, and chronic disease management, all within a safe and supportive environment.

Check-ins/Wellness Checks

We provide check-ins and wellness visits with a personal touch, ensuring your loved ones are not just safe but also feeling cared for. Our updates to families are more than reports; they are reassurances from a team that cares like family.

Transportation for Appointments

We understand the importance of reliable and comfortable transportation for your medical and other appointments. Our service is not just about getting you there; it’s about ensuring you feel supported and stress-free during your journeys.

Appointment Scheduling and Organization

We manage and organize appointments with the utmost care, ensuring every detail is taken care of. Our commitment is to ease your burden and ensure you never miss an important appointment, because we know how much it matters.

Respite Care/Shower Assistance

Our respite care service provides a much-needed break for family caregivers, offering peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are in safe, compassionate hands. We understand the physical and emotional demands of caregiving and aim to give caregivers the rest they deserve. Similarly, our shower assistance is designed with dignity and independence in mind, ensuring that personal hygiene is maintained in a respectful and caring manner. We recognize the importance of these everyday tasks and are committed to providing support that upholds the highest standards of comfort and care.

Services to the highest standards

Client Advocacy

We help place individuals in facilities that they can call home. We do the research and interviewing to insure it is the perfect fit for our client. There is no cost to our clients for this service.

We give families peace of mind by checking in on their loved ones and giving a detailed report to both the family and facility.

Need companion care for your loved one? We can schedule that service for you. Do you know someone that needs help with transportation to run daily errands like grocery shopping, banking, doctor appointments? If so give us a call.

Initial Consultation

An in-depth interview to understand the specific needs and preferences of both the family and the client.

Facility Matching

Research and identification of suitable facilities based on the consultation. We screen all potential facilities and do our due diligence in placing your loved one where they will be treated like family.

Placement and Follow-Up

We finalize the placement and then begin our routine follow-ups to ensure a smooth transition and continued satisfaction.

The Care That Matters

Care That Matters works with all types of facilities to help bridge the communication gap between families and facilities- let us help your facility give the “Care That Matters”, and help make your facility look there best. We know how small things can get over looked, and care workers can become over whelmed. We are here to help you in any way we can. Let us help your facility shine. Give us a call to set up your consultation.